Eva Nivbrant Wedin | Psychology
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After ten years as a music and eurhythmics teacher, I felt I needed to learn more about psychology. I wanted to better understand my students and what was happening in class. I began to study psychology at university primarily to become a better teacher, but it was so interesting that I continued and studied a degree as psychology teacher. Now I teach some areas of psychology.


I am particularly interested in areas that are useful as a teacher:

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Psychology and cooperation (see also conflict resolution)
  • Learning and Memory

I look at these subjects from different angles, often related to teaching or teamwork.

This can include issues such as:

  • What is reasonable to expect at different ages?
  • How do I teach pre-schoolers?
  • Why are teenagers so strange?
  • How can I make it easier for students to learn?
  • Can I help students to collaborate?
  • Is it possible to prevent bullying?
  • Group teaching or individually?
  • Punishment or reward?
  • External/internal motivation?
  • Concentration?
  • Does motor development have any relevance?