Eva Nivbrant Wedin | About me
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About me

Eva Nivbrant Wedin

I am professor at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and have a background as Eurythmics teacher, music teacher, and psychology teacher. I take part in workshops, courses and conferences of various kinds, both in Sweden and internationally. I am also active as an author.


I have taught in many different kinds of schools: primary schools, high schools, music schools, art schools, preschools, colleges and universities. At the beginning of my career, I also worked as a music educator in the Lutheran Church and as a tour leader and a travel agent. Since 1996 I’ve worked at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) and at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH). Since 2004 I have worked mainly at KMH and at international universities.


During the years I have taught courses at more than 50 music/art schools.

Together with other Eurhythmics teachers I have started Rytmikcenter – Stockholm, a company that offers various courses and information about Eurhythmics.

I lecture, and teach workshops and courses in:

  • Dalcroze Euhryhtmics
  • Music and language
  • Psychology
  • Conflict resolution


I have always been interested in international issues and I think exchange and international contacts are very important. When you visit new cultures you learn so much about the world and about yourself. You discover new perspectives and broaden your horizons, and learn that things can be done in many different ways.

More about my international engagement can be found under International and in my CV.


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